YouTube Pop Culture Friday #5: DCEU Edition

Justice League is finally here! In honor of this, I’ll be showcasing content celebrating the DC Extended Universe!

…Nah, just kidding, I’ll be showing videos of Red Letter Media trashing the previous films. DCEU fans, you’ve been warned, turn away now or live to regret it!

One might think yet again showing RLM videos is lazy and repetitive, or one might think that all this negativity about the DCEU is way overdone and redundant at this point. One might even be completely right by thinking this way…
But to that I say: “Screw you! It’s my segment, I can do whatever I want, so there. Neh!”

Anyways, even if it’s RLM again, it is a previously unfeatured series that I am showcasing here: Half in the Bag, a show in which two VCR-repairmen review movies all while completely taking advantage of and ripping of a disgusting and vile old man named Mr. Plinkett.
It’s another one of their awesome and extremely well edited running series, and these two particular episodes are among the funniest they’ve ever done, which is why I wanted to show them now.