YouTube Pop Culture Friday #6: Punisher Edition

This Friday’s theme is Marvel’s infamous vigilante, given that Netflix’s Punisher released last week and many of us have been binging (check out the reviews for Season 1 if you haven’t already).

The first video is a humorous one, which I gather is a much needed contrast if you’ve been immersed in the bleak and brutal world of Frank Castle lately.
Heroes with Issues is a relatively new and unknown show, in which each episode features some our favorite heroes going to therapy. It’s well done and really quite funny, especially if you’re a comic book nerd like myself and get the references to the shows/movies/comics.
The one I’m showcasing today features Frank Castle and Luke Cage, an explosive but surprisingly fitting combination… Enjoy!


The second one’s informative: it’s another one from the great NerdSync, this time explaining the origin of the iconic Punisher skull.