YouTube Pop Culture Friday #8

Welcome to another edition of YTPCF!

Sooooo… have you heard about the Star Wars Battlefront 2 controversy, and more generally the continuous criticism of the gaming industry for it’s predatory business practices? I’m sure you have, I have, and I couldn’t care less for Battlefront 2 or even games in general since I don’t play anymore.
However, even for a non-gamer like myself, this is a quite interesting subject as it pertains to an array of broader economic and societal topics like consumer rights, the continuous growth of the tertiary sector, government regulations… So stick around even if you don’t play!

This video in particular focuses on the evolution of the EA behemoth, which gives us an interesting and well presented insight into the inner workings of the company and the industry in general, and by doing so explains how we got to the current Battlefront 2 debacle.
It’s made by the channel Skill Up, which I don’t really know beyond this video (again, not my field!), but they seem to do well-done video game content so check them out if that interests you.