YouTube Pop Culture Friday #9: Celebrating Star Wars

It’s this time of the year again! Christmas? Hanukkah? Nope. Star Wars is upon us and there is truly no escaping it.
I’m leaving my cynicism on the side though: this week’s YTPCF is all about being positive and simply celebrating this legendary franchise for all the joy and enjoyment it brought to so many of us.

These featured videos are also a good way to refresh your memory and get exited for this universe before going out to watch The Last Jedi.
They show us “Everything Great About” each Star Wars installment, and they are made by CinemaWins. Wait! Before you leave, beyond the basic structure this has nothing to do with the bad CinemaSins channel, rest assured. This channel actually gives us some interesting analyses and interpretations of the movies and it just emanates a positive aura and genuine love for films that’s just a joy to watch. This is especially gratifying when contrasted with how negative and hyperbolic everything else on the Internet is, since seemingly that’s the only way to get the most clicks…


Anyways, enough small talk, enjoy, and may the Force be with you.


Now if you want to hear some more eclectic and divisive thoughts and discussions about this universe, check out FilmExodus’ Community Star Wars Ranking!




  • Yeah, less is more.

  • But, I mean, that’s not my fault, everything sucks on mobile… On PC it is perfectly normal/decent

  • Sailor Monsoon

    It’s like half a page on mobile

  • I’ll try to include less next time, but as long as they’re relevant I don’t see why I shouldn’t include them, I’m sure it has a purpose for search engines or whatever…

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I personally include less than 5

  • Come on, I even removed half of them already when I saw that they weren’t invisible and appeared on the front page, Lol.
    But now it seems ok to me, should I just not include all these relevant tags?

  • I can understand that, that fight was a little excessive, but it’s been built up ever since A New Hope, it’s no surprise that they wanted to go all out. I didn’t mind those platforms, an epic movie sword-fight has to happen in at least 5 successive different improbable locations, haha. Plus like they say in the video, all the little details were nice

  • DryButSoupy

    Even though I ranked them low in my listing the other day, there are definitely enjoyable moments. Qui Gon was a super-cool character. The lightsaber duels were all pretty good. Oddly enough, I think the Anakin/ Obi Wan duel in RotS was underwhelming. The hovering platforms they rode around on bugged me.

  • Thought the same thing

  • Sailor Monsoon

    Holy J-mart!
    Look at all dem tags!

  • I really dislike Sins for a plethora of reasons, it’s just bad and misleading content…
    At some point soon I’ll do one YTPCF about why they suck ass

  • He came back in The Clone Wars series, even with Liam Neeson reprising the role! Twas awesome

  • I used to like CinemaSins but thy became terrible. I now think CinemaWins deserves so much more love.

  • King Alvarez

    I really wish Qui-Gon came back as a ghost later and in the other 2 movies.

  • Cap_N_Jack

    Article needs more tags.

  • I especially recommend checking out the prequel videos, it’s a refreshingly different take.
    You never know, it might even make you see some parts of them in a new and more positive light