FilmExodus Movie Madness Tournament Champion: Greatest Sports Movie Edition

Alright Exiles, we have a winner! We started with a list of over 120 sports movies and settled in on the best 64 films to determine the Greatest Sports Movie of All-Time. I’d like to thank all those who voted here on the site or on Twitter and I hope y’all had as much fun with this as I did. Picking between some of these movies was tough and made me want to watch some that I haven’t seen in years. Hopefully some of y’all discovered some movies to check out that you maybe you’ve never heard of or simply were unsure about watching. Are you ready to find out who won and is the FilmExodus Movie Madness Champion?

Drum roll please…

Winning the the Finals with a score of 84%-16% and The Greatest Sports Movie of All the Times…

And it’s Rocky (1976) delivering a knockout blow to a worthy contender. A League of Their Own (1992) battled their baseball skirts off to try and when the whole thing but just came up short to an absolute powerhouse. Let’s all give a hand to the girls of summer and damn fine film.

Rocky was probably the favorite to win the whole thing from the beginning and is easily one of the first movies that comes up when talking about the greatest sports films of all-time. It is only fitting that this story of the ultimate underdog would bully it’s way through every round destroying all the competition in it’s way to take home the crown. Let’s take a look at Rocky’s road to the championship:

1st round defeated #16 Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t 100% to 0%.

2nd round defeated #8 The Longest Yard (1974) 87% to 13%.

Sweet Sixteen round defeated #5 Friday Night Lights 80% to 20%.

Elite Eight round defeated #2 Field of Dreams 91% to 9%.

Final Four round defeated #6 The Sandlot 85% to 15%.

Championship defeated #3 A League of Their Own 84% to 16%.

Rocky had some stiff competition but was never in any danger of being defeated with never failing to get less than 80% of the votes. I know I voted for Rocky every time as it is one of my favorite movies period. It is one of the best stories ever told and draws me in with every watch.

What say you Exiles? The outcome doesn’t surprise me but what about you guys? Why do you think Rocky had what it took to win the tournament? Did you vote for it? Why or why not?

Again, I want to thank everyone who participated in this series. It was a blast on my end. Hope you guys enjoyed it!